God: All That Matters

  • ISBN: 9781444156690
  • Publication date: Jun 2012
  • Format: PB
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Extent: 160 pp
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If ‘God is dead’, then we spend an incredible amount of time talking about him. ‘New atheists’ like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens have created a huge new interest in debating (and demolishing) the existence of God. But in this book the philosopher Mark Vernon takes a more nuanced approach, pulling together fascinating strands from philosophy, literature, science, theology and psychology. He argues that there is something odd about the way God is discussed today – as if the divine were being examined in a test tube, in a search for empirical and objective confirmation of his (or her?) existence. Yet for people of faith, today and through the ages, God is nothing if not subjectively real; they know God, insofar as they do, in their lives. It’s more like the love of a parent than Newton’s apple falling from the tree.

The Author(s)

Mark Vernon

Mark Vernon (London, England) is one of the UK's leading popular philosophers. He has written a number of successful books, including most recently 'How to Be an Agnostic'. His writing appears regularly in the Guardian and the Evening Standard, and he is a well-known figure on the literary festival circuit as both an interviewer and an guest. He has PhD's in both theology and philosophy (from Oxford and Durham). He is a founder of the School of Life, based in London.

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