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These little books are packed full of fascinating information reflecting the cutting edge of research. Whether you’re interested in the life of the prophet Muhammad, the current debate about water or even bioethics the series offers support for you.

Animal Rights Bioethics: All That Matters Buddhism: All That Matters Cyber Crime and Warfare God MEdicine Human Rights Judaism: All That Matters Love Modern China Muhammad: All That Matters Philosophy: All That Matters 9781444183832 Sustainability: All That Matters Terrorism: All That Matters Water High Res

Featured Author

Ivan Fiser

Ivan Fiser is a human rights consultant based in London. He previously worked at the Constitutional Court of Yugoslavia, and has 13 years of experience with Amnesty International. He is highly regarded for his campaigning work, and superbly connected in the legal and human rights communities.

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Muhammad: All That Matters Modern China